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Microgravitational space vehicle "Foton M" N3

The microgravitational space platform "Foton-M" is intended for realization of experiments in the field of  a space process engineering, manufacture of materials and biological preparations in interests of different industries and sciences, and also implementation of international cooperating on the commercial basis.

Performances of space vehicle

Orbital parameters:  
- maximum altitude
- minimum altitude
- inclination 62º49,5' 6''
S/C mass 6535 kg
Mass of descending vehicle 2550 kg
Payload mass 650 kg
Orbital lifetime 12 days
Type of flight nonoriented
Daily average energy consumption
of the payload elements
up to 800 W
Air temperature inside the reentry
from +10º to +30º C
Launch vehicle "Soyuz"
Launching site Baykonur
Date of launch September 14, 2007
Time of launch ~ 14h: 00 min (DMT)

Scientific data transmission to the ground:

- via a radio-telemetry channel to the receiving
stations situated within the territory of Russia;
- via TeleSupport system to the receiving
stations situated in Sweden;
- inside the reentry capsule when the soft
landing takes place.

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