Samara Center of Expertise
of YES2 project
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   The list of topics of expertise in Samara CoE

1. Analysis of tether system deployment from the point of view of safety of mother space vehicle.

Prof. Sergey Ishkov (, post-graduate student Sergey Naumov (

2. Estimation of probability of maintenance of the needed entry conditions at the moment of the ending of tether system deployment by means of a method of statistical modeling.

Prof. Sergey Ishkov (, post-graduate student Sergey Naumov (

3. The analysis of motion of the descent capsule together with a tether after separation from base space vehicle up to borders of dense atmosphere and fulfilment of conditions of acquisition of the capsule by atmosphere.

Prof. Yury Zabolotnov (, post-graduate student Dmitry Fefelov (, post-graduate student Dmitry Elenev (

4. Calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of descent capsules on all an interval of flight.

Prof. Valentin Shakhov (, post-graduate student Anton Lyaskin (

5. An estimation of influence of deformation of elastic capsules on their aerodynamic characteristics.

Prof. Valentin Shakhov (, post-graduate student Anton Lyaskin (

6. An estimation of a thermal condition of descent capsules at various phases of flight.

Prof. Stanislav Shustov (, Dr. Natalya Bezmenova

7. An estimation of dynamics of motion of the descent capsule without a cable on out off atmospheric flight phase and research of process of stabilization of motion concerning center of mass at atmospheric entry.

Prof. Ivan Timbay (

8. An estimation of flight dynamics of the descent capsule as firm body in atmosphere at a phase of stabilized motion

Prof. Yury Zabolotnov (, Dr. Vladislav Lyubimov (

9. An estimation of influence of various factors and disturbances on dispersion of a trajectory and dispersion of landing points of the descent capsule.

Prof. Ivan Timbay (

10. An estimation of use various measuring devices, including receivers of satellite radio navigation, for navigational maintenance of the project and post-flight recovery of motion of a tether system and the descent capsule.

Prof. Igor Belokonov (, post-graduate student Sergey Soboda

11. Comprehensive analysis of YES2 mission as a whole, an estimation of proposals on increase of reliability of flight experiment

Prof. Igor Belokonov (

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