Samara Center of Expertise
of YES2 project
    russian version
How you can carry out the expertise in Samara CoE:

1. The participant of YES2 project directs the application with the request to carry out the expertise to Delta-Utec Michiel Kruijff or Erik van der Heide (

2. In case of the positive solution Delta-Utec direct the request for realization of expertise to the Samara Center of Expertise (prof. Igor Belokonov and a copy to the expert who is responsible for this direction of expertise.

3. The Head of the Samara Center of Expertise to address of person addressed behind expertise the answer about acceptance of the application to consideration goes.

4. The expert begins refinement of initial data and statements of a problem with the person addressed behind expertise (the direct contact and correspondence implements, thus copies are sent to address of Delta-Utec has flowed away also the Head of Center of Expertise).

5. After finishing of expertise the report of the expert which on behalf of the Samara Center of Expertise is sent in makes dispositions Delta - Utec has flowed away also to the applicant.

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